Mission: to provide the knowledge & framework necessary to pass military physical assessments.

I'm ready!

Two versions of each training plan: overground only & hybrid of treadmill & overground.

The secret sauce is with interval training.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy you won't find anyone more passionate or knowledgeable at helping you move smarter, safer, then faster.

I will literally walk you through every step of this program. You will have a daily downloadable workbook and associated instructional video. 

I'm ready!

Includes mobility & strength exercises.

Learn how to optimize your mechanics to improve your speed.

I'm ready!

You will get faster by optimizing your mechanics & strategic training.

Running and rucking are about moving forward. We we can immediately optimize energy expenditure with performance by taking the jump out and maximizing forward momentum with posture. 

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Training for something not included?

You can fill out a form of what you are training for and I'll create it and add it to the club.