Running Mechanics (Form)

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Learn 2 Glide

In this popular course you will learn to maximize FWD movement & momentum. I guide you every step of the way to learn 2 glide in standing, walking, then running.  As soon as you complete, you delete!

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7 Skills/7 Days

Before Learning 2 Run, we must first learn to STAND, LEAN, and WALK. These foundations are broken up into seven individual skills and taught one per day. This program is ideal for those who like learning the details.

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3 Skills w/TBN

This course teaches the 3-skills (arm swing, leaning, & gliding) using the Tennis Ball Necklace (TBN) for auditory & tactile feedback. This is option is perfect for those more interested in the big picture.

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One-on-one Virtual

Let's virtually meet! You'll send me a video of yourself running & then schedule a meeting on my calendar (times will be in your time zone. We go over your mechanics & set-up an action plan.

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