Online Courses for Running Coaches: 

Trigger. Cue. Assess.

This course is designed for Orangetheory coaches (or other group exercise on a treadmill) or personal trainers. You will learn the gold standard for running mechanics and how to quickly identify and cue corrections. The method will help you subconsciously identify form faults and have a bank of specific verbal cues you can use to correct. This course will make you an expert in running mechanics. 

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Capture. Classify. Correct.

This course is for running coaches or physical therapist looking for a system to set you up for a lifetime of learning from yourself, clients and patients. Each encounter you will gain expertise. We learn by doing. You will capture, classify and correct your own mechanics. I provide you with an effective method of active learning with drills and cues. You will have access to downloadable cheat sheets and handouts you can give to your runners. 

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