What can you control right now?

While you can't change spending 8+ hours/day sitting at a desk, you can change how you feel while you are sitting.

You know you need to move more to lose weight.

You know how you got here. Over the last two years you consumed more fuel (food) than your body needed to operate. So what happened? Your body stored it as fat for later use.

What if you don't use the stored fat for fuel? It stays there. 

You understand there is no magic pill. You just need to move more and eat less. All you need is a program to get you started. 

I'm ready!

But you've never been a "runner"

Then you are exactly who I created this program for. You don't have to have any experience. You just need the right dosage of movement to feel successful without getting injured. 

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy you won't find anyone more passionate or knowledgeable at helping you move smarter, safer, then faster.

I will literally walk you through every step of this program. You will have a daily downloadable workbook and associated instructional video. 

I'm ready!

Still on the fence?

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