Online Courses for Physical Therapist:Ā 

Capture. Classify. Correct.

In this course I teach you a systematic method of video recording your runners, classifying them as bounding or braking, and then how to correct. The corrective strategy is associated with 7 skillsĀ derivedĀ from the foundations of standing, leaning, walking, and running. Your future patients will thank you!

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Test. Assess. Progress.

In this course I teach you theĀ "Rundamentals" test which consist of 10 physical assessments based on strength and mobility prerequisites for efficient running. The test helps identify areas of focus and establish baselines to see progress. There are 3 levels of progressive exercises matched to the patients score for each test. Included is easy to read visual instructions & videos. Your plan of care will write itself!Ā Ā 

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